Reverse Bidding

In this article we can consider what a reverse bid is and what you are telling partner when such a bid is made. Another question that you will need to discuss with your partner is to what level a Reverse bid is forcing?

What is a Reverse Bid?

Once an opening bid has been made at the ONE level, e.g. 1D, set a barrier at the TWO level, e.g. 2D.

If the bidding is 1D p 1S p

 You opener have the following bids:

1. Raise partner,

2. Bid 2C or 2D, 

3. Bid 1NT.

Bids 1 & 2 show a basic opening hand and without extras partner will rest in a partscore.

Bid 3 shows the values that you have agreed either 15-17, or for those playing strong NT 12-14.

If partner bids 2H or 2S he has bid above the BARRIER and so has made a REVERSE bid which is normally considered FORCING, unless you have an express agreement to the contrary. In which case the REVERSE bid should be alerted.

Which of these bids is a Reverse bid?



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