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Dave Armstrong is a Premier Life Master and started bridge when he was working at Rolls Royce in Derby. In that area he very quickly had the advantage of being able to be involved in the weekly get together at a house near a local club where Joe Amsbury, Tony Sowter, Sally Sowter (now Brock), Tony Forrester and others would discuss the hands played during the week. Dave has his EBUTA (English Bridge Union Teachers Association) certificate and he is a very experienced bridge teacher who enjoys keeping his lessons up to date and makes the most of what technology can offer to enhances the learning experience.

Jill Armstrong is a Premier Life Master and started playing kitchen bridge in 1972 and was introduced to the duplicate bridge world in 1986 by an acquaintance from work who insisted that she first took bridge lessons! The rest as they say is history.

Dave & Jill received the Tom Bradley  in 2014 this is given to a non-serving school teacher who has made a signficant contribution to junior bridge.

 Bridge Bug started on the 22nd September 1993 under the supervision of Jill Fitz Gibbon & Sarah Noel now respectively Armstrong & Mitchell. We celebrated our 25th Anniversary in 2018.

The aim of Bridge Bug is to introduce duplicate bridge to both social players and bridge students and to enable players to enjoy & progress their game to a suitable level.

Our supervised practice sessions allow you to practice both bidding and play. If the bidding goes wrong the auction maybe rewound to enable you to play in the correct (not necessarily successful) contract.

Bridge Bug had their final session at our Christmas Party on the 18th December 2018 the photographs courtesy of Paul & Janine are here. From 2019 The Avenue Bridge Club will run a Supervised Session on a Tuesday evening.


Sessions and classes

Bridge for families

How about a family pasttime without mobile phones, iPads or TV? 

Let us introduce your family & friends to MiniBridge. A game that will introduce your children to play a game that allows problem solving, arithmetic skills, socialising, cooperating with others but most importantly a game that crosses the age threshhold.

Interested? Then call Dave or Jill on 01670 504206 or 07724724491

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Dave & Jill also do specialist workshops from time to time so watch this space for:

  • Strong Raises
  • TNT raises and unassuming cue bids
  • Slam Bidding

Dave & Jill are also very much involved with introducing bridge to juniors and have been taking youngsters to the Junior Teach-In at Loughborough since 2000. at present 4 of their younger players have represented England at one level or another.

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